Slyceverse Tech Demos!

This is our development sandbox. Showing of interesting bits of technology that we will probably use in the game.

"Long Island Ice Tea"

This is the first tech demo. It shows the basic mechanics of terraforming and block placing.

I contains 5 different terrain materials, 5 different block materials and limited terrain size.

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Long Island Ice Tea

"The Monkey Gland"

Planned features

  • Different Block Tools (Scaling)

The Monkey Gland


Planned features

  • Intro
  • Menu
  • Scene Loading


"Royal Arrival"

Planned features

  • Basic Multiplayer
    • Create Server
    • Join Game
    • Distribute Level Information

Royal Arrival

"Sex on the Beach"

Planned features

  • Water Simulation (Tall Cells)

Sex on the Beach


Slyceverse is a game by ibkiri science a group of 3 developers dedicated to building fun games.


If you want to contact us simply write an email to info(at) Feedback, Ideas and bug reports are always welcome.